Overactive bladder syndrome is characterised by the presence of urinary urgency, normally accompanied by an increase in the frequency of urinations and nocturia (getting up often at night to urinate) with or without urge incontinence, in the absence of urinary infection or other illnesses.


Urine with an acid pH causes irritation in the nerve fibres of the urinary bladder’s epithelium, causing said irritation to transform into urinary urgency stimuli.


Reducing the quantity of acid that reaches the bladder via the urine improves many of the symptoms of overactive bladder syndrome.

The alkalinisation and monitoring of urine pH helps to reduce the acute symptoms of overactive bladder syndrome.


Allows you to keep your urinary system healthy.

Increases the urine pH.

Helps reduce the risks of acidic urine.

Lit-Control pH Up allows you to maintain the acid-base balance of the urine. It prevents the formation of crystals in the urinary system, while increasing the urine pH.

The patented formulation of Lit-Control pH Up helps to keep the urinary system healthy, by inhibiting the formation of crystals and increasing the urine pH.